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 Sudin SDA Jakpus Kerahkan 20 Petugas Tangani Banjir di RW 07 Rawajati

South Jakarta SDA Personnel Help Residents to Clean Up After Flood

Rezki Apriliya Iskandar| BERITAJAKARTA.ID
Translated by: Maria Inggita

09/10 16:52 WIB | Read 270 X
South Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-department deployed 20 personnel to clean up garbage and mud after flood on Jalan Bina Warga RW 07, Rawajati, Pancoran.

"Around 3 AM Ciliwung River overflowed to residents houses located near the river. Then flood receded around 9 AM. Now we are helping residents to clean up their houses from mud and garbage," said South Jakarta SDA Sub-department's Maintenance Section Head, Junjung, Wednesday (10/9).

Based on observation on the field, SDA personnel together with local residents whose house affected by flood collect mud and garbage using tools such as hoe, dustpan, shovel, bucket, and sack then clean the area with water.

Around 11 AM, his side has collected 500 sacks full of garbage and mud. While residents continue to clean inside of their houses.

Maryam (50), one of the residents conveyed her gratitude for SDA personnel help.

"Alhamdulillah, they are very handy. They help me to clean mud in my house until clean," she said.