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Anggota Komisi A Berikan Bantuan Paket Lebaran Untuk Korban Banjir Di Rawajati

Commission A Member Gives Out Social Aid to Rawajati Residents

Maulana Khamal Macharani| BERITAJAKARTA.ID
Translated by: Nugroho Adibrata

22/05 20:45 WIB | Read 36 X

Jakarta DPRD's Commission Member August Hamonangan, distributed Eid aid packages in the form of sarong and various foods to residents affected by flooding in Rawajati, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

According to him, the aid distribution was done while monitoring the location of flooding in the area around Ciliwung River in Rawajati Barat and Timur regions.

"The floods had occurred yesterday and are now receding. We provide aid to lighten the flood-affected residents' burden," he expressed, Friday (5/22).

His party also urged locals to comply with the PSBB rules during celebration of Eid al-Fitr in order to break the chain of COVID-19 spread.

"Hopefully this aid is helpful and Rawajati area will be free from flooding," he hoped.