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Waspada Potensi Cuaca Ekstrem Sepekan ke Depan

Jakartans, Beware of Extreme Weather in a Week Ahead

Translated by: Maria Inggita

21/11 22:07 WIB | Read 66 X
Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicted extreme weather to occur in parts of Jakarta regions for a week ahead.

BMKG urges Jakarta residents to remain vigilant and cautious with extreme weather (such as tornado, heavy rain accompanied with lightning and strong wind, hail, etc.) and its impacts such as floods, landslide, flash flood, inundation, strong winds, fallen trees, and slippery roads.

Deputy for Meteorology Division, Guswanto mentioned, cyclonic circulation was monitored in Indian Ocean west of Aceh, in Indies west of Bengkulu, and in Karimata Strait which formed a convergence area that extends the waters in northern Aceh, from North Sumatera to waters in west Bengkulu and north side of Karimata Strait, and from Central Kalimantan to southern Karimata Strait.

He explained, this condition can increase the potential for rain cloud to grow around cyclonic circulation area and along the convergence area. BMKG's analysis results showed that unstable dynamic atmosphere in a week ahead can increase the potential of rain cloud to grow in several regions in Indonesia.

"We predict that in the next week, there is a potential for extreme weather and heavy rainfall to occur accompanied by lightning and strong winds, one of which will occur in Jakarta," he explained in a written statement on Saturday (11/21).

According to him, this condition was reinforced by the active phenomenon of Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO), Equatorial Rossby waves, and Kelvin waves in Indonesia territory for a week ahead.

"The latest information can be accessed through a 24-hour weather information service via and social media @infoBMKG, and 'Info BMKG' application for iOS and android, or directly contact the nearest BMKG office," he said.