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Sudin LH Lakukan Pembinaan Kampung Iklim di Pulau Kelapa
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Climate Village Program Coaching in Thousand Islands Intensified

The Thousand Islands Environmental (LH) Sub-agency continues to conduct the coaching of the Climate Village Program (Proklim) in Thousand Islands. This time, it is focused on Kelapa Island, North Thousand Islands Sub-district.

We want to improve public participation and awareness in environmental management

Thousand Islands LH Sub-agency Head, Djoko Rianto Budi Harsono said it is a follow-up to the Environmental Ministry Regulation number 19/2012 on the Climate Village Program

He hoped that residents could take steps to adapt and mitigate various impacts of climate change, one of which was maintaining ground water quality for food security, conducting reforestation, processing waste and creating food security through fish cultivation and urban farming.

Commission D Approves Budget Proposal for Climate Village Program

"We want to improve public participation and awareness in environmental management," he expressed, Wednesday (6/16).

According to him, some guidance and supervision were done to assist residents, including making freshwater fish ponds, 330-square meter wide urban farming, monitoring waste bank activities and how to manage them, as well as making rainwater reservoirs for 21 households.

"Hopefully climate change won't occur quickly and can be prevented through various environmental conservation efforts," he explained.

Kelapa Island Urban Village Acting Head, Muslim expressed his grateful for the coaching, supervision and guidance to his people related to climate village program.

"Thank you for the assistance in providing red soil, fertilizer and plant seeds, as well as catfish seeds," he said.

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