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JXB-Jakpro Berkolaborasi Fasilitasi Vaksinasi COVID-19 di GOR Cendrawasih
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JXB Collaborates with Jakpro to Hold Vaccination at GOR Cendrawasih

Jakarta Experience Board (JXB) as new branding of PT. Jakarta Tourisindo (Jaktour) collaborates with PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) and related stakeholders to facilitate vaccination service at GOR Cendrawasih, Cengkareng, West Jakarta on July 21-23, 2021 at 08:00-15:00 every day.

Because vaccination is one of our hope to stop pandemic and restore economic sector

Jakarta Experience Board President Director, Novita Dewi stated, this collaboration is a solution to accelerate vaccination in Jakarta thus herd immunity can be achieved as soon as possible as an effort to overcome COVID-19 pandemic.

"Together with Jakpro, we contribute to accelerating and expanding the scope of government's vaccination program by providing vaccination center. We hope it can facilitate residents to access vaccine because vaccination is one of our hope to stop pandemic and restore economic sector," she conveyed, Thursday (7/22).

Latest Information on COVID-19 Cases and Vaccination in Jakarta as of July 21, 2021

Meanwhile, PT. Jakpro Corporate Secretary Division Head, Nadia Diposanjoyo mentioned, this vaccination center not only serves people who register via JAKI application, but Jakpro also mobilized employees' families, especially those aged 12-17 years to participate in vaccination.

"Vaccination center at GOR Cendrawasih is targeting 650 people to be vaccinated a day," she added.

She explained, this collaborative vaccination center is provided in West Jakarta to make it easier for residents to access vaccine and expand vaccination coverage in Jakarta.

"Hopefully this activity can help government to achieve vaccination target of 7.5 million Jakarta residents by the end of August 2021," she added.

Since Saturday (7/17), local residents can register for vaccination via Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app. They are required to register before going to vaccination site to avoid accumulation of participants in the location.

Besides, registration can be also done through website Participants should fill their data and choose date and time of vaccination.

"Vaccination participants should come at the appointed time and fill consent form stating that participants are taking vaccination voluntarily and providing correct information," she said.

For other terms and conditions, vaccination is open for general public aged 18 years and over who have Jakarta ID card or certificate of domicile, are in a good health, and have no complaints of disease. For those who have comorbidity, they should consult a doctor first.

"Participants who come to the vaccination location should wear masks and always comply with 5M health protocol," she closed.

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