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Food Station Luncurkan Beras Organo dan Kemasan Baru Minyak Goreng
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Food Station Launches Organo Rice and New Packaging for Cooking Oil

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya made innovations and new breakthroughs by launching Organo rice products and new packaging FS Cooking Oil.

Organo rice is a special type of rice from the Organic Ciherang

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya President Director, Pamrihadi Wiraryo said, Organo rice was produced in partnership with PD Agriwira Mandiri Sejahtera, Karanganyar, Central Java.

"Organo rice is a special type of rice from the Organic Ciherang variety which comes from long grain rice," he expressed, Saturday (12/25).

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He explained, it is very good for consumption as it is produced through natural cultivation without pesticides using organic fertilizers and unpolluted water. Moreover, it has a high nutritional content that can help in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar.

"Other benefits can also reduce heavy metal levels in the blood due to the use of chemical insecticides on non-organic rice. It's no exaggeration if this rice is said to be rice for health," he explained.

According to him, eco-friendly cultivation processes could improve soil structure and fertility, as well as build sustainable ecosystems and control plant pest organisms (OPT).

"We also pack this rice using eco-friendly oxyum material, which is easy to decompose within five years," he stated.

Its existence completes the portfolio of organic rice produced by PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya. Previously, the company had also launched Organic Red and White rice products.

"There is also non-organic white rice, brown rice, black rice, white sticky rice and black sticky rice," he said.

He added, brown rice and black rice are also good for health, as they contain a lot of fiber.

"This organic rice is a sign that we are getting serious about getting into the organic rice business which is good for health," he continued.

Aside from launching the Organo rice product, at the same time, a new package of FS cooking oil was launched, which the public can buy in modern and traditional markets.

"Along with market demand from the results of the existing reviews with sizes of one liter and two liters, FS Cooking Oil makes cooking more special as it comes from selected palm oil," he closed.

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