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Waspada Varian COVID-19, Pemprov DKI Siap Laksanakan Vaksin Booster di Seluruh Faskes Milik Pemerint
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Jakarta Starts Giving Booster Shots to Public in All Health Facilities

Starting January 12 or today, the Jakarta administration is pushing a third dose Covid-19 or booster shots in accordance with the central government's policy. It is executed at Kramat Jati Puskesmas in response to contagious Omicron variant.

Booster shot is priority given to Indonesian citizens aged 18 to elderly and those who have been more than 6 months since second dose

Jakarta Health Agency (Dinkes) Agency Head, Widyastuti revealed, all health facilities in Jakarta are ready to give booster shots to general public. To get optimal results, her agency would team up with army/police.

"Booster shot is priority given to Indonesian citizens aged 18 to elderly and those who have been more than 6 months since second dose. We can get it in all health facilities by showing third vaccine ticket or booster vaccine in PeduliLindungi application," she expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

Sub-district Health Centers in Jakarta Provide Booster Vaccination Service Starting Today

For this time, only some elderlies had issued booster vaccine tickets on PeduliLindungi application. Sooner, the Health Ministry would upgrade it. Residents were urged to check tickets for third vaccine shot via PeduliLindungi application before coming to the nearest health facility to anticipate queues and avoid crowds.

It was very open to people with Jakarta and non-Jakarta ID cards. For those outside Jakarta, do not need to attach a domicile certificate when implementing booster vaccine.

Here is type of vaccine given according to availability of vaccines at puskesmas and vaccines combination determined by Health Ministry can be carried out, as follows:

- Sinovac 1&2 dose vaccine -> Booster vaccine: Pfizer 1/2 dose (0.15cc)

- Sinovac 1&2 dose vaccine -> Booster vaccine: AstraZeneca 1/2 dose (0.25cc)

- Astrazeneca 1&2 dose vaccine -> Booster vaccine: Moderna 1/2 dose (0.25cc)

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