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Walikota Jakpus Buka Bazar Sembako Murah
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Pop-up Bazaar in Mangga Dua Selatan Offers Cheap Groceries

Central Jakarta Mayor Dhany Sukma has opened a pop-up bazaar or called cheap market on Jalan Mangga Besar, RW 04 Mangga Dua Selatan Urban Village, Sawah Besar, on Monday (4/4). It was initiated by Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative Parent (INKOWAPI) and Sahabat Usaha Bisnis (Sahara).

The price is very affordable. This helps me

According to him, the bazaar offered rice, sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, and frozen beef at lower prices than in the market.

"This bazaar is very useful for residents," he asserted.

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Inkowapi Chairperson Sharmila explained it was popped up in 44 urban villages all over sub-district, Central Jakarta. It will open for three days.

"To hinder crowds and long queues, payment is made with a voucher exchange system," she stated.

The products sold are divided into three packages of necessities with different prices, as follows:

- The first package, which costs Rp 65,000 contains 900 liters of cooking oil, 2.5 kg of rice, and 1 kilogram of sugar

- The second package, which costs Rp 100,000 contains 900 liters of cooking oil, 2.5 kg of rice, 1 kilogram of wheat flour, and 1 kilogram of sugar

- The third package, which costs Rp. 150,000, contains 900 liters of cooking oil, 1 kilogram of beef, and 1 kilogram of sugar

"We also set up 15 stands for SMEs to peddle their culinary products," she explained.

Rani (44), a resident of RT 08/05 Mangga Dua Selatan positively welcomed the bazaar. She could buy basic food products at a cheaper price than in the market.

"The price is very affordable. This helps me," she admitted.

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