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Pelaku Ekonomi Kreatif di Jakarta Ikuti Inkubasi Usaha
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106 MSMEs in Jakarta Participate in Business Incubation

The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Parekraf) is holding a Fashion, Craft, and Culinary Business Incubation for Creative Economy Actors Batch 2 at the Morrissey Hotel, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta from July 26 and 27, 2022.

various efforts and government support are needed to help and revive the creative industry

There are 106 coached MSMEs or Jakpreneur in the event. The materials provided include MSME Business Development, Digital Marketing for Fashion, Culinary, and Craft Businesses.

There is also a Sharing Expertise session that brings founding representatives from Jenama Kamiidea, Warunk Upnormal, and the  Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers (ADGI).

Governor Appreciates IKA UII's Social Service for MSMEs in Jakarta

Parekraf Agency Head Andhika Permata said MSMEs in Jakarta have great potential in contributing to GDP and employment in Jakarta. Besides that, the quality creative products produced could become one of the leading export commodities.

The Jakarta administration has had a role and responsibility to support MSMEs through various activities aimed at developing innovation, quality of human resources, marketing capabilities, and potential business plans.

He assessed an intensive incubation or coaching process, mentoring, and development of MSMEs are needed in a bid to support the revival of the local creative industry and form mature creative actors.

"That's why various efforts and government support are needed to help and revive the creative industry. One of them is through organizing incubation for MSMEs," he expressed, Tuesday (7/26).

Besides deepening the material and simulations, in the digital marketing session, participants get the opportunity to conduct mentoring and consultation following their business field and present their product development concepts after going through the mentoring process.

"After this incubation activity is done, we will do monitoring and evaluation for one month by mentors," he explained.

He hoped that participants could be able to carry out business development to provide more attractiveness to the community and consumers, could produce creative actors who are independent and able to develop, as well as could help develop the business innovation of creative actors in Jakarta in the future.

"Today, we are learning directly from the experts about how to explore our potential, marketing strategies, and the potential of updated creative products thus we can be maximally creative in doing business," he closed.

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