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Pemkot Jaksel Sembelih 139 Hewan Kurban

139 Qurban Animals Slaughtered at South Jakarta Mayor Office

Translated by: Maria Inggita

01/08 16:40 WIB | Read 51 X
South Jakarta Government slaughtered 139 sacrificial animals (qurban) at the local mayor office on this Saturday (8/1).

Those qurban animals were divided into 1,500-1,800 meat packages and distributed to the local residents.

South Jakarta Government Qurban Animal Slaughtering Committee Chairman as well as South Jakarta Assistant for People's Welfare, Sayid Ali mentioned, qurban animal slaughtering is carried out today because the time is longer than on Eid al-Adha or Friday (7/31).

"Total we have slaughtered 139 qurban animals today. It consists of 20 cows and 119 goats," he informed.

According to him, hundreds meat packages from slaughtered qurban animals will be distributed to mosques, musala (prayer rooms), Islamic boarding schools, orphanages, and others.

"We cut the meat into 1,500-1,800 portions and packed it in bamboo baskets (bongsang) because it is eco-friendly," he mentioned.