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Bulan Dana PMI Jaksel Targetkan 6,7 Milliar

South Jakarta Targets PMI Bulan Dana Fundraising to Reach Rp 6.7 Billion

Translated by: Maria Inggita

17/10 20:06 WIB | Read 61 X
South Jakarta PMI is targeting this year's Bulan Dana Fundraising Program to reach Rp 6.7 billion.

South Jakarta PMI Secretary, M. Adnan mentioned, this year's target is the same with last year's achievement.

"In order to achieve the target, we have cooperated with all SKPDs, schools, and communities," he added, Saturday (10/17).

Moreover, his side also distributed coupons, proposals, donation envelopes, and charity boxes to several strategic places in South Jakarta, such as hospitals, restaurants, and malls.

"We have prepared 40 charity boxes," he mentioned.

Last year, the largest source of funds received from proposals and donation envelopes as much as RP 2.9 billion each.

"Hopefully, target can be achieved, although in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic," he said.