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Kampung Tangguh Jaya RW 06 Semper Timur Perkuat Kolaborasi dalam Penanganan Covid-19

Semper Timur Urban Village Improves Collaboration to Prevent COVID-19

Rezki Apriliya Iskandar| BERITAJAKARTA.ID
Translated by: Maria Inggita

23/02 18:00 WIB | Read 57 X
Semper Timur Urban Village Head, Cahyo Hudoyo assessed that sense of togetherness and kindship which supported with collaboration from all elements can be the key in handling COVID-19 in the region.

"Residents in here are active in providing assistance for families who are exposed to COVID-19 and reminding each other to always wear mask when leaving house, distributing masks to other residents, and so on. They are very supportive in building Kampung Tangguh Jaya in their neighborhood," he stated, Tuesday (2/23).

According to him, RT/RW administrators and local residents continued to improve coordination with health center (puskesmas), sub-district, TNI/Police, FKDM, and other parties for handling COVID-19.

"Good collaboration must be maintained or even increased to prevent COVID-19 transmission," he added.

He also urged residents to comply with health protocols in their daily activities.

"Pandemic is not over yet. Everyone must remain alert and adhere to health protocols," he asserted.