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Satpol PP Jakpus Tindak 9.174 Pelanggar Prokes
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Central Jakarta Satpol PP Gives Sanction to 9,174 Health Protocol Violators

From July 3 to 19, 2021, Central Jakarta Satpol PP had netted 9,174 residents who violated health protocol.

They violated health protocol by not wearing mask when doing activities outside

Central Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Bernard Tambunan conveyed, 9,174 violators were netted during mask operation held in 8 sub-districts. As many as 17 violators were subject to administrative sanction with total fine Rp 2.9 million. While 9,157 violators were subject to social work sanction for sweeping the streets.

36 Violators Netted at Mask Operation Held on Jalan Kramat Jaya

"They violated health protocol by not wearing mask when doing activities outside," he explained, Tuesday (7/20).

His side also monitored health protocol and PPKM implementation in 1,989 business places and workplaces.

As the result, 24 business places and workplaces were subject to temporary closure for 3x24 hours, 20 were given written warnings and 35 were subject to temporary closure until Emergency PPKM ends.

"We continue to monitor health protocol implementation in order to suppress COVID-19 cases," he stated.

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