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Kolaborasi Wujudkan Integrasi Transportasi Publik di Ibu Kota
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Dishub and PT MRT-KAI Team Up to Realize Public Transportation Integration

As part of its commitment to present the best transportation facilities and services, the PT MRT Jakarta and PT KAI have been invited by Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) to collaborate in supporting transportation integration efforts, one of which was inaugurated today, Wednesday (9/29), namely the Makeover of Tebet and Palmerah Train stations.

It is executed to deal with the problems of irregularities

In this case, collaboration is not only conducted between Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), but also the Central Government through PT KAI and PT KCI under the coordination of BUMN Minister, Transportation Minister, and Secretary General for Environment and Forestry Ministry, as well as Secretary General for DPR, and Ministry Secretary in terms of land use to optimize the revitalization around the station area.

Dishub Head, Syafrin Liputo explained that the station revitalization was carried out to regulate spatial planning and transportation in the station area, thus supporting transportation integration efforts.

Inaugurating Tebet and Palmerah Stations Arrangement, Anies: Public Transportation in Jakarta Becomes More Integrated

"It is executed to deal with the problems of irregularities that occur due to the unintegrated revitalization of space with transportation in the station area. So, people are more comfortable in changing public transportation," he explained, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

Then revitalization at Tebet Train Station also helped organize the economy of the residents around the station, by preparing space for street vendors (PKL) to trade thus they were more organized. It also pays attention to the revitalization of the environment and beauty by organizing trees and parks, and would be continued with the construction of a Rain Garden/Infiltration Pool.

It was also realized in collaboration with artists by providing a canvas for creative friends who want to work to express their artistic inspiration. "We'll provide the place, as what we've done on the east side pillar of Tebet Train Station, where there are already residents' creative fruit art," he furthered.

PT MRT Jakarta President Director, William Sabandar assessed, this inauguration was a tangible form of collaborative work between local and central government in order to realize a comprehensive transportation integration as directed by the President in a limited meeting on January 8, 2019, regarding the integration of transportation management in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) between local and central government.

"That directive was then followed up quickly through the formation of a joint venture company between PT MRT Jakarta and PT KAI, namely PT Moda Integrasi Transportasi Jabodetabek (MITJ). PT MITJ will later become the implementer of rail-based transportation integration in Greater Jakarta. As for PT MRT Jakarta together with PT MITJ, PT Transjakarta, and PT Jakarta Propertindo formed a joint venture company, PT Jaklingko Indonesia to work on integrated payment integration for all modes of transportation in Greater Jakarta," he explained.

Besides collaborating in intermodal integration, an affordable JakLingko integrated tariff system would also be developed. After being launched today, the JakLingko Card and Application will continue to be tested through collaboration with various parties. Collaboration in various fields to build the city will keep being carried out to advance the capital city and make its residents happy.

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