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Walikota Pantau Pelaksanaan Vaksinasi Booster di Puskesmas Kecamatan Kelapa Gading
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People Come to Kelapa Gading Sub-district Health Center for Booster Vaccination

The COVID-19 booster or third dose vaccination service at Kelapa Gading Sub-district Health Center, North Jakarta which has started today, was enthusiastically welcomed by residents.

Please register or check for booster vaccination ticket on PeduliLindungi application to get booster vaccine

North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim conveyed, booster vaccination service has been provided in all sub-district health centers (Puskesmas) in Jakarta and other health service facilities.

"I see that people are quite enthusiastic, especially elderly. We will continue to intensify its socialization," he mentioned when monitoring booster vaccination carried out at Kelapa Gading Sub-district Health Center, North Jakarta, Wednesday (1/12).

First Dose Vaccination for Children Aged 6-11 in Central Jakarta Reaches 64.07 Percent

Anticipating large number of people who come for booster vaccination, starting Thursday (1/13), the service will be also opened at Kelapa Gading LRT Station and GOR Yudo Kelapa Gading.

"Please register or check for booster vaccination ticket on PeduliLindungi application to get booster vaccine to provide further protection from exposure to COVID-19," he asserted.

North Jakarta Health Sub-agency Head, Yudi Dimyati informed, as of 12:00, 130 residents had received booster vaccines at Gading Sub-district Health Center.

"People are very enthusiastic, this is an indicator of high public awareness to get vaccinated in hope of being more protected from exposure to COVID-19," she stated.

Today, booster vaccination has been carried out in 6 sub-district health centers in North Jakarta. It can be accessed by vulnerable groups who meet the requirements, not based on identity cards or domicile.

"Starting tomorrow, we will hold booster vaccination service in urban village health centers and other vaccination centers," she explained.

Meanwhile, one of Kelapa Gading Timur Urban Village residents, Yudi (69) expressed his gratefulness and relief that for having been vaccinated with booster vaccine.

"I got AstraZeneca as booster vaccine. Hopefully it can provide better protection from the exposure to COVID-19. It is quite easy, I only need to register on PeduliLindungi application to access vaccination service," he closed.

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