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Trotoar Jl KRT Radjiman Dibersihkan
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Sidewalk on Jalan KRT Radjiman Widyodiningrat Cleaned

Hope it creates a sense of comfortable for pedestrians

The 50-meter-long sidewalk located on Jalan KRT Radjiman Widyodiningrat, RW 04, Rawa Terate Urban Village, Cakung, East Jakarta, cleaned on Tuesday (1/31). The cleaning itself involved 20 joint personnel of Fire and Rescue Sub-agency, PPSU, and Satpol PP.

Rawa Terate Urban Village Head, Daniel Wisni Parulian said that the sidewalk cleaning is a follow-up program after previously the joint officers had cleaned the bridges in his area.

This Year, 5.28-KM Sidewalk in West Jakarta Revitalized

"The sidewalks are cleaned because they look dirty and rundown, causing inconvenience to residents passing by," he expressed.

He explained that the sidewalk on the east side of this road was sprayed and brushed using liquid detergent and then rinsed using a fire truck with 4,000 liters capacity.

"Hope it creates a sense of comfortable for pedestrians," he hoped.

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