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Warga Kebon Kacang Ikuti Sosialisais JSC-Beritajakarta
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Kebon Kacang Residents Participate in Socialization of JAKI and Beritajakarta

Some 70 residents participated in the socialization of features in the Jakarta Kini (JAKI) application and the Jakarta Provincial Government's official news portal, Beritajakarta in the Kebon Kacang Sub-district Office Hall, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (10/4).

Beritajakarta always informs all Jakarta Government programs

It was realized in collaboration between Kebon Kacang Urban Village with Jakarta Smart City (JSC) and Beritajakarta.

Kebon Kacang Urban Village Acting Head, Ety Kusmiyati positively welcomed it, as there were many useful features for residents in the JAKI application.

Panggang Island Residents Warmly Welcome Beritajakarta Team Socialization

"In the JAKI application, there are new features that are important for residents. However, there are still people who don't understand. In today's socialization, they are given education and can interact," she expressed.

They were also socialized about Beritajakarta as the Jakarta Government's official news portal. Through Beritajakarta, they can find out more accurately about the programs that will be and are currently running in Jakarta.

"Beritajakarta always informs all Jakarta Government programs from sub-district to provincial level. This news portal is complete, residents need to know that," she explained.

It was hoped that this socialization could improve citizens' knowledge of the features of the JAKI application and various information content on the Beritajakarta website.

JSC Product Knowledge Customer, Lulu Syifa, explained that today's socialization is a routine agenda for residents in synergy with sub-districts and schools. She introduced various features on JAKI such as the Food Price Feature and Tax Feature.

“Then there is the Citizen Account Feature. Here, residents can check social assistance. Then, there are Environmental Features to find out air quality, test emissions, and monitor floods," she continued.

Maimun (62), a resident of RT 09/02, Kebon Kacang admitted that through this socialization, there were many questions regarding the JAKI application and information services at Beritajakarta.

“Thank God, I understand. Despite I'm old, I can still update information about Jakarta," he admitted.

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