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 Anggota Komisi B Minta Pemprov Penuhi Kebutuhan Pangan Jelang Iedul Fitri

Commission B Instructs City to Monitor Food Stock

Maulana Khamal Macharani| BERITAJAKARTA.ID
Translated by: Nugroho Adibrata

22/05 21:13 WIB | Read 102 X

Jakarta DPRD's Commission B Member Gilbert Simanjunta instructs the executive to monitor staple food, which aims to anticipate price hikes due to high demand in the market approaching and during Eid al-Fitr.

"The increase in food prices during Eid is definitely happening due to high demand. But what must be maintained is adequate supply for the community," he expressed, Friday (5/25).

According to him, this year's increase in food prices is relatively low due to decreased purchasing power caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to maintain food price stability, he suggested that the executive through Regional-owned Enterprises (BUMD) make a direct purchase to farmers.

"Although they (BUMD) are currently busy with social aid, they can work optimally," he stated.