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Souvenir Ondel-ondel Nemin Tuih Siap Diekspor ke Mancanegara
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Ondel-Ondel Souvenir Business of Mr. Nemin Tuih

As the capital city and business center, Jakarta keeps attempting to improve its residents’ economic status as well promote city's products, like Betawi batik, Ondel-ondel, Monas miniature, Jakarta snowglobe, and many more.

My souvenir is made from ceramic and hand painted with various colors, flower motifs, and Betawi architectures

This time, we will peek at the mini ondel-ondel souvenir business owned by Mr. Nemin Tuih (53), an ondel-ondel craftsman who is coached under East Jakarta Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Trade (KUKMP). 

Mr.Tuih has been in this business since a year ago assisted by five employees, which is located in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. Then its finishing process is done in his house at Jalan Kramat Aris, Gg Reformasi, RW 03 Setu, Cipayung, East Jakarta.

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The characteristic that distinguishes the souvenir from other souvenirs is the fabric and hand painting with various colors and motifs on the ondel-ondel bodies.

"My souvenir is made from ceramic and hand painted with various colors, flower motifs, and Betawi architectures," expressed a citizen of Jalan Kramat Aris, RW 03 Setu, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Wednesday (3/27).

Nowadays, enthusiasts of souvenirs such as ondel-ondel are also increasing in line with the development of tourism and the more advanced tourism management in Indonesia.

"My souvenir has been marketed to Jakarta and other regions in Indonesia, as well as Australia and Saudi Arabia," he expressed.

Those two countries ordered 2,000 pieces of mini ondel-ondel. For a pair of mini ondel-ondel heads has varying sizes, starting from 10 cm sold at Rp 30,000 and 25 cm sold at Rp 275,000. Most buyers often used them for wall decoration.

"My hope is get capital aid from the government to advance my business, as well as meet the need and demand of the market," he hoped.

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