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Rekapitulasi Faskes hingga Jalur Transportasi Umum Terdampak Genangan dan Banjir
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Recapitulation of Health Facilities to Public Transportation Lines Affected by Inundation and Flooding

After heavy rain that poured in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, a number of health facilities, schools, and public transportation lines were also affected by inundation and flooding.

all health facilities in Central Jakarta are safe from inundation and flooding, including in North Jakarta

Through cross-service joint team, the city administration has recapitulated the stricken health facilities, schools and Transjakarta lanes. Despite they cannot operate yet, the acceleration of handling will be done thus the service can return to normal.

Based on the Health Agency's data, all health facilities in Central Jakarta are safe from inundation and flooding, including in North Jakarta.

Clean Water Sent to Five Flooded Locations

In West Jakarta, three hospitals are safe from inundation and flooding, except Kalideres Puskesmas, which also includes PKM Kel. Semanan 1 and PKM Kel. Semanan 2.

In South Jakarta, all hospitals are safe, except Tebet and Kebayoran Lama hospitals but the water has receded. Similar condition is also spotted at Pesanggarahan Puskesmas.

In East Jakarta, all hospitals are safe, except some puskesmas, namely Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit; Rawa Terate, Cakung and Cipinang Melayu, Makasar.

While, based on the Education Agency's data, as many as 155 schools are safe from flooding, except 98 schools. There are 31 schools whose access was flooded. Nevertheless, its data will still be updated which is still being done in schools throughout Jakarta.

There is also seen government offices flooded, namely Mampang Sub-district, South Jakarta and Bangka Urban Village, South Jakarta.

Then for transportation facilities, there is damage to some facilities, infrastructure and transportation operational disruptions. But others have been operating normally, namely Transjakarta BRT plying Corridor I, Corridor II in which lane diversion from Pulogadung from Harmoni, teh bus joins Corridor 4 after the Genjing Market stop turns left towards Senen, then reenter the Atrium Bus Stop - Harmoni Bus Stop. For the diversion from Harmoni toward Pulogadung, after the Kwitang Bu Stop turn right join Corridor 5, enters at Pal Putih Bus Stop - Salemba Bus Stop turn left joins Corridor 4, enters at Matraman Bus Stop - Pulogadung Bus Stop.

At Corridor 3, the bus operational had to be stopped due to flooding around Jembatan Baru, Dispenda and Pesing Flyover, but corridor 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13, are still normal as usual. Similar condition is also seen at Corridor 5 and 8 in Kedoya Green Garden. Yet the Corridor 9 service had to be shortened from Pinang Ranti but only Grogol due to flooding in Latumenten.

Especially for the bus plying Corridor 10 (Tanjung Priok - PGC) is forced to be diverted after Bea Cukai Bus Stop towards Kampung Melayu and enters Bidara Cina Bus Stop, Corridor 7, BNN, UKI and PGC.

While the Hek Kramat Jati Pool with 119 school buses are flooded, yet 57 other buses are safe. For Public Transportation Service Disruption, delivered based on the location of the terminal as follows:


(Rerouted to the front of East Jakarta Resort Police)

- M01 (Kampung Melayu - Senen).

- M01A (Kampung Melayu - Senen)

- M27 (Kampung Melayu - Pulogadung)

- M31 (Kampung Melayu - Pondok Kelapa)

- M32 (Kampung Melayu - Klender)

- M05A (Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang)

- Transjakarta

- Jak lingko 41 (Kampung Melayu - Pondok Kelapa)

- Jak lingko 42 (Kampung Melayu - Kapin)


(Not operating)

- KWK T. 17 (Pinangranti - Cililitan)


(Not operating)

- Jaklingko 80 (Rawa buaya - Rawa Kompeni)



- Corridor 2 (Pulogadung - Harmoni), rerouted from Pemuda - Pasar Genjing - Salemba - Senen - Harmoni

(Not operating)

- KWK 20 & 21(Pulogadung - Kayu Tinggi)

- KWK 23 (Pulogadung - Kalimalang)

- KWK 30 (Pulogadung - Harapan Indah)

- KWk 31(Pulogadung - Pondok Ungu)

- KWK 32 & 33 (Pulogadung - Bekasi - HI)

- Jak Lingko 24 (Pulogadung - Senen)

- Jak Lingko 17 (Pulogadung - Senen)

- Jak Lingko 33 (Pulogadung - Kota)

- Jak Lingko 61 (Puloadung - Cempaka Putih)


(Not operating)

- APTB (Rawamangun - Bubulak)

- Jak lingko 59 (Rawamangun- Kelapa Gading)


(Not operating)

- Jaklingko. 45 (Ragunan - Lebak Bulus)


- Normal Service


(Not operating)

- TJ 7F (Kampung Rambutan - Harmoni)

- TJ 9K (Kampung Rambutan - Grogol)

- TJ 10D (Kampung Rambutan - Priok)


(Not Operating)

- Jaklingko 24 (Senen - Pulogadung)

- Jaklingko 17 (Senen - Pulogadung)

- Mayasari 17A (Senen - Kampung Rambutan)

- Mikrolet 01A (Senen - Kampung Melayu)


(Not operating)

- Mayasari AC 02 (Kalideres - Kp.Rambutan)

- Mayasari AC 29 (Kalideres - Bekasi)

- Mayasari AC 14 (Kalideres - Cikarang)

- mayasari AC 42A (Kalideres - Cilengsi)

- TJ Koridor 2B (Kalideres - Pulogadung)

- TJ Koridor 3F (Kalideres - GBK)

- TJ Koridor 3 (Kalideres - Pasar Baru)

- TJ Koridor 3 (Kalideres - Harmoni)

- Jaklingko 52 (Kalideres - Muara Angke)

- Jaklingko 50 (Kalideres - Puri Kembangan)

Source: DKI Jakarta PPID

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