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Sudin Bina Marga Jakpus Tambal 1.104 Titik Jalan Berlubang
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1,104 Potholes Repaired in Central Jakarta

From January to February, Central Jakarta Bina Marga has repaired 1,104 potholes in 8 sub-districts in the region.

We deploy 12 Bina Marga Task Force personnel in each sub-districts to repair the roads

Central Jakrata Bina Marga Sub-district's Road and Bridge Section Head, Catur Suhartanto mentioned, 1,104 road points were damaged due to heavy rain in Jakarta several weeks ago.

"Heavy rain which pour in the last weeks caused 1,104 road points to be eroded and potholes," he conveyed, Monday (3/1).

Sidewalks in Kebayoran Baru will Be Revitalized Soon

In detail, 257 potholes spread across Tanah Abang Sub-district, 218 potholes in Menteng Sub-district, 197 potholes in Gambir Sub-district, 134 potholes in Kemayoran Sub-district, 103 potholes in Sawah Besar.

Then, 91 potholes in Senen Sub-district, 84 potholes in Cempaka Putih Sub-district, and 20 potholes in Johar Baru Sub-district.

"We deploy 12 Bina Marga Task Force personnel in each sub-districts to repair the roads," he stated.

According to him, potholes width varies from 1x1.5 meters to 1.5x2 meters.

"We repair it using cold mix and jack hammer," he closed.

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