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Sudin Pertamanan dan Hutan Kota Jakut Pangkas 3.630 Pohon Rawan Tumbang
photo Rezki Apriliya Iskandar -

3,630 Trees Prone to Fall in North Jakarta Pruned

Anticipating trees from falling, North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency pruned 3,630 trees from January to April 12.

Trees that are bent or about to collapse become our priority

North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency Head, Elly Sugestianingsih said, trees pruning was carried out in 6 sub-districts in North Jakarta.

"We routinely prune trees. Trees are also living things, it means they continue to grow both their stems and leaves. When we cannot control the growth of trees, there is a risk of falling trees, especially during strong winds," she conveyed, Monday (4/12).

1,788 Trees in West Jakarta Pruned

From total 3,630 trees, 1,188 trees were lightly pruned, 1,178 trees were pruned moderately, 952 trees were pruned heavily, and 312 trees prone to fall were cut down. For trees pruning activity, her side deployed teams in each sub-districts (City Park and Forestry Task Forces) with assistance from teams under North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency.

"Each sub-districts have one team plus two teams under sub-agency. Total, we have eight teams, with 7-8 personnel in each teams," she explained.

Her side pruned old and shady trees.

"We have to check for trees whose conditions are dangerous for people around it or whose trunks are porous. Trees that are bent or about to collapse become our priority," she asserted.

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