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 12 Pohon di Jl H. Naman Pondok Kelapa Ditoping
photo Nurito -

12 Trees alongside Jalan H Naman Pruned

Seven green troops under the East Jakarta Parks and Urban Forest Sub-agency, pruned 12 trees alongside Jalan H Naman, Pondok Kelapa, Duren Sawit, on Wednesday (4/14).

to minimize fallen trees when it rains with strong winds

Forestry and Green Belt Division Head Atang Setiawan disclosed it was carried out as the condition of the trees that were already shady and dangling into the road. 

6,914 Trees in Central Jakarta Pruned

"Those 12 trees pruned consist of nine Tanjung trees, two Banyan trees and one Mango tree," he expressed.

Besides endangering motorists and prone to fall, he assessed, it also had interfered with street lighting at night.

"This is part of the sub-agency's program, to minimize fallen trees when it rains with strong winds," he stated.

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