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Pesepeda Antusias Uji Coba Lintasan Road Bike JLNT Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang
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Road Bike Lane Trial on Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang JLNT Attracts Cyclists

The road bike lane trial on Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang non-toll flyover (JLNT) got enthusiasm from cyclists.

This route is better for road bikes, it can be made routine and permanent after there are road repairs

"During this initial trial phase, I have received information that about 19 communities participated today. We want a lot of input from road bikers regarding improvements that must be made," expressed Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) Head, Syafrin Liputo, Sunday (5/23).

He explained the road bike lane was a form of the government being present in the midst of the public interest in making bicycles as a sporting tool and their daily mobility.

Three MRT Stations Provide Facilities for Non-folding Bike Users

Previously, cyclists, especially road bikers were active in traffic spaces at high speed joining other motorcycles, which caused safety and security aspects to be neglected.

"Surely, after this trial, we are about to make improvements to the existing facilities," he explained.

One of cyclists from Mula Cylcing community, Sando (58) positively welcomed the trial. It could be used for racing bike, in contrast to the Sudirman-Thamrin bikeways, which had to mix with various other types of bicycles, even motorcycles.

"This route is better for road bikes, it can be made routine and permanent after there are road repairs," he stated.

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