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Pemerintah Pusat - Pemprov DKI Dukung Gerakan #Indonesiapastibisa
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Government Appreciates #Indonesiapastibisa Movement

The Jakarta administration together with the central government appreciate and support collaboration through #Indonesiapastibisa Movement as a togetherness movement started by people who want to share to bring about positive change.

There have been more than 500 collaboration activities

It is an open forum for various groups, public figures, entrepreneurs and companies to provide assistance in any form by providing a platform that can be accessed by affected people, as well as medical personnel and hospitals thus the assistance can be received faster and on target.

Health Minister, Budi Gunadi Sadikin said, all components of the nation must be involved in it, starting from the government as a regulator, social organizations, agencies, companies, and the community must together face this pandemic.

Ayo Vaksin Movement will Be Carried Out in 21 Locations in North Jakarta

Therefore, this movement was expected to support the government in controlling the current situation.

"With the spirit of cooperation and mutual cooperation in building this movement, I'm sure that Indonesia will definitely be able to overcome adversity," he expressed, Sunday (7/18).

Jakarta Health Agency (Dinkes) Head, Widyastuti, positively welcomed the movement in the community.

According to her, the central government with local governments, state-owned enterprises (BUMN), and the private sector continued to collaborate to control Covid-19 in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

"By so, hopefully we can remind each other to continue to maintain health protocols, invite the public to get vaccines to protect themselves from this disease," she hoped.

She added, this movement has the main goal of preventing panic in the community due to Covid-19.

It would also present various programs aimed at helping the people of Indonesia in dealing with the pandemic. Those programs were free vaccines, provision of free oxygen supply, free distribution of drugs and vitamins, cheap basic food packages, food packages for isolated people, provision of hearses, and assistance programs for orphans.

"There have been more than 500 collaboration activities. This movement encourages people to be optimistic, citizens of Indonesia and Jakarta in particular will be greatly helped by all the assistance and support resulting from the collaboration. We appreciate collaborations like this considering the character of the Jakarta city is very heterogeneous," she explained.

In the meantime, Speaker for #Indonesiapastibisa Movement, Deddy Corbuzier expressed that it was formed from and for the people. He urged the public not to panic, stay alert, and apply the procedures strictly.

"Let us together caring and helping people in need thus this country can bounce back," she stressed.

As for the information, the #Indonesiapastibisa movement has several programs that are already running, such as the Free Mask Wearing Movement (GEMAS) by distributing free masks, helping the living expenses of orphans, building houses for scavengers, providing basic necessities for people affected by Covid-19, etc.

So far, several programs have also entered the final preparation stage, namely the supply delivery process and system integration thus they can be implemented soon. It is planned to run until the end of this year. Hopefully, in 2022, Indonesia could be better than it is now and the #Indonesiapastibisa movement would have been able to create a different program.

For further information about #Indonesiapastibisa, the people can access the website or social media Instagram @indonesiapastibisa and via WhatsApp at 0812-1230-5515.

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