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 91 Warga Kelurahan Pulau Pari Dinyatakan Sembuh, Status Mikro Lockdown Dicabut
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Lancang Island Revokes Micro Lockdown Status After Dozens Recovered

The Lancang Island in Pari Island Urban Village, South Thousand Islands Sub-district, Thousand Islands officially lifted the micro lockdown status considering dozens of residents who were exposed to Covid-19 have been declared cured.

We continue to urge locals to comply with health protocols in order to prevent similar case

Pari Island Urban Village Acting Head, Ardiansyah said, from 104 people infected Covid, 91 of them had recovered.

Covid-19 Patients on Payung Island Have Received Food Aid

"We continue to urge locals to comply with health protocols in order to prevent similar case," he expressed, Wednesday (7/21).

Pari Island Urban Village Puskesmas Head, Sely Yuliana Sendi Manopo added that around 12 people were still undergoing self-isolation and one still being treated in the Cengkareng RSUD.

"When someone is exposed, we do tracing as quickly as possible to close contacts to minimize the spread of Covid-19," she explained.

As for the vaccination, she was targeting to vaccinate around 1,666 people aged 12 years and over.

"1,506 or around 90 percent have undergone the first dose so far," she said.

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