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 PPSU Kalibata Percantik Canstin di Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

Concrete Curbs Along Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu Repainted

Concrete curbs on Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu, Jalan Samali, until Jalan Duren Tiga Selatan, were repainted by PPSU personnel from Kalibata Urban Village, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

Besides, we repaint it for road users' safety

Kalibata Urban Village Head, Maman Sumarman conveyed, 8 PPSU personnel had been deployed since last week to repaint dirty concrete curbs along the road.

"Repainting is done to make concrete curbs look more attractive," he said, Monday (8/16).

Tebet and Saharjo Flyovers Walls Repainted

Repainting work along 1 kilometer was estimated to finish today.

"Besides, we repaint it for road users' safety," he mentioned.

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