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82 Warga Kelurahan Johar Baru Berhasil Disuntik Vaksin Covid 19
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82 Residents in Johar Baru Get First and Second Covid-19 Jab

As many as 82 people received first and second Covid-19 vaccine shots in the vaccination center service at Johar Baru GOR, Jalan Rawa Selatan IV Number 2A, RT 16/03, Johar Baru Urban Village, Johar Baru Sub-district, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/30).

This is a combination of all the urban villages in Johar Baru, as the location is quite strategic

Johar Baru Urban Village's People Welfare Division Head, Wiwi Wiratmi explained, this extra vaccination service was aimed at making it easier for residents to avoid long queues to get vaccines at the puskesmas. Thus far, the vaccination achievement in Johar Baru had hit 79.48 percent or 29,794 people from the target set at 37,488.

Petojo Selatan Urban Village Continues to Intensify Vaccination Service

"This is a combination of all the urban villages in Johar Baru, as the location is quite strategic. It has been going on since Monday (10/11)," she expressed.

She went on to say that similar service had also been opened at SMPN 02 Jakarta, Jalan Mardani Raya, Johar Baru.

"In this service, we sent eight doctors for injections and six doctors for health checks from urban village and sub-district puskesmas," she continued.

Especially for today, she added, about 34 had received first vaccine shot using Pfizer and 48 received second vaccine shot type Pfizer, Sinovac and AstraZeneca.

"We keep intensifying vaccination socialization to the public in Johar Baru that aims to reach the target," she stated.

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