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RPTRA Kembali Dibuka untuk Umum
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Jakarta Reopens RPTRA to the Public

Jakarta has reopened all child-friendly public spaces (RPTRA) since yesterday and will close on November 1 during PPKM Level 2. They will open at 7 AM to 5 PM every day.

This decree remains in effect until it awaits a new decision

It refers to Jakarta Empowerment, Child Protection, and Population Control (PPAPP) Agency's Decree number 218/2021 on Provisions for RPTRA Management during PPKM Level 2.

Tuty Kusumawati, Jakarta Agency Head of PPAPP stated, the number of visitors is limited to a maximum of 25 percent. Before entering the park, every visitor should show vaccination status or certificate via JAKI and PeduliLindungi applications.

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"We allow children aged 12 to visit with parental assistance. However, we still need to enforce several restrictions to make sure the reopened public spaces won’t become clusters of virus transmission," she expressed, Sunday (10/24)

She explained, the RPTRA management amid PPKM Level 2 was reported to the local urban village head according to the location. Besides, it can be used for disaster, vaccination and other emergency services.

"This decree remains in effect until it awaits a new decision," she stated.

The following are the operational provisions of RPTRA during PPKM Level 2:

1. RPTRA caretakers must comply with the Covid-19 health protocol and are tasked with; a. Regulate the movement of people in the park and keep a minimum distance of two meters

b. Taking visitors' body temperature measurements (for those who already have a thermo gun)

c. Checking proof of status having been vaccinated in JAKI application, vaccination certificate contained in the PeduliLindungi application and/or proof of vaccination issued by the authorized institution to each visitor

d. Record visitors who come including name, age, cellphone number and address

2. Visitors must be in good health or not showing symptoms such as fever, cough, etc. and comply with the health protocol which consists of:

a. Wash hands with soap before entering RPTRA

b. Wear masks

c. Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters

d. Avoid the crowd

3. PPAPP Sub-agency/Regency Administration monitors activities for RPTRA management during PPKM Level 2 and reports the results of monitoring implementation to the agency head periodically and continuously

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