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Terapkan PPKM Level 1, Pemprov DKI Lakukan Uji Coba Pembukaan Karaoke
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PPKM Level 1, Jakarta Government Conducts Trial for Reopening Karaoke

With Covid-19 pandemic condition that is getting more under control, Jakarta Government now has applied PPKM Level 1. It was stipulated in Instruction of Home Affairs Minister No. 57/2020 on Implementation of PPKM Level 3, 2, 1 Covid-19 in Java and Bali; and Jakarta Governor's Decree No. 1312/2021 which is valid for 14 days, on November 2-15, 2021.

Trial for reopening karaoke is carried out by implementing health protocols that have been set

In the policy, several relaxations have been arranged in several sectors. One of them is economic sector, especially in tourism business sector.

Each areas with PPKM Level 1 status can apply relaxation in tourism business while still paying attention to health protocols, using PeduliLindungi application, regulating and limiting number of visitors, capacity, and operation hours.

Here are Adjustments to Transjakarta and MRT Operation During PPKM Level 1

Related to this, Jakarta Government through Tourism and Creative Economy (Parekraf) Agency has issued Jakarta Tourism and Creative Agency Head's Decree No. 676/2021 on Implementation of PPKM Level 1 Covid-19 in Tourism Business Sector. One of them is related to the reopening of family karaoke business. According to the decree, the opening of family karaoke is still in trial phase.

"Trial for reopening karaoke is carried out by implementing health protocols that have been set. It is hoped that karaoke business owners can comply with operational provisions from government in order to achieve balance in health and economic recovery," said Andhika Permata, Head of Jakarta Parekraf Agency on Saturday (11/6), as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

As guidelines for karaoke business owners, his side issued circular letter No. 291/SE/2021 on Guidelines for Using PeduliLindungi Application and Health Protocols Implementation in the Context of Trials for Opening of Family Karaoke Business During PPKM Level 1 Covid-19 in Jakarta.

Here are conditions for family karaoke business opening trial during PPKM Level 1 in Jakarta:  

1. Family karaoke business that conducted opening trial has passed verification through Jakarta Joint Team for Health Protocols Assessment, which consists of Jakarta Disaster Management Agency, Health Agency, Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, and Satpol PP.

2. Karaoke business owners who haven't applied for opening, may submit application to Disparekraf with requirements stated in Circular Letter of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Head No. 64/SE/2021;

3. Karaoke business owners are required to register QR Code for PeduliLindungi application through Indonesian Family Karaoke House Entrepreneurs (APERKI);

4. Maximum visitor capacity is 25% and the use of singing room is limited to maximum 50% which can operate from number of available rooms;

5. Employees and visitors must have been vaccinated against Covid-19, have vaccination certificate listed in PeduliLindungi account, be in good health (normal body temperature) and comply with health protocols (wear mask, wash hands and maintain distance);

6. Family karaoke operating from 11:00 to 22:00;

7. Duration for visitors to use singing room is maximum 3 hours;

8. Reservation should be carried out online with cashless method.

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