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Ketua Amarta: Kebijakan Anies di Kampung Akuarium Brilian
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Amarta Chairman: Anies' Policy in Kampung Akuarium is Very Brilliant

Kampung Susun Akuarium gives equality and justice for the residents, especially children to grow and develop well

Jakarta Community Alliance (Amarta) Chairman, M Rico Sinaga, revealed the policy about the Kampung Susun Akuarium (vertical building) program made by Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan was very brilliant.

According to him, the Governor had succeeded in transforming a slum area into a comfortable and clean residential area.

Kampung Akuarium Designated as Location for Jakarta's Anniversary Declaration Event

"Kampung Susun Akuarium gives equality and justice for the residents, especially children to grow and develop well," he expressed, Friday (11/12).

He explained, it could be a role model in other regions spread over Indonesia, especially in big cities that face housing problems due to the limited land.

"The naming of this village is also very philosophical and becomes local wisdom that we should preserve. This is the first kampung susun in Jakarta," he explained.

Moreover, it was managed through a cooperative, namely the Akuarium Bangkit Cooperative. Cooperatives, as stated by one of the founding fathers, Bung Hatta, are the pillars of the economy, becoming the main pillar that should be able to grow not only in villages but in urban areas.

In the 2021 Indonesian Cooperative Council National Executive Meeting (Rapimnas), on October 22, the Governor expressed his commitment to support the function of cooperatives to manage and regulate economic activities in every apartment complex in Jakarta.

"By so, residents are invited to be responsible for animals and the environment. They are encouraged to create togetherness, care for each other," he added.

Through the cooperative scheme, the Kampung Susun Akuarium building still belonged to the Jakarta administration, but did not deal directly with individual houses.

"They only deal with cooperatives whose members are all residents of flats. Through this cooperative, there is a spirit of progress and happiness along with the philosophy of residents for residents. This is the intelligence of Mr. Anies, very brilliant," he stated.

As reported earlier, on August 17, exactly a year since the groundbreaking, the construction of Kampung Susun Aquarium Phase 1 was completed and its use was inaugurated by the Governor.

This building has two blocks with five floors consisting of 107 residential units. The construction is realized through developer obligation funds in accordance with Gubernatorial Regulation number 112/2019 on Procedures for Fulfilling Financing Obligations and Construction of Cheap/Simple Flats Through Conversion by Space Utilization Permit Holders.

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