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Bank DKI Salurkan Beasiswa Pendidikan Dari Yayasan Beasiswa Jakarta_2
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Bank DKI is Trusted by Jakarta Scholarship Foundation to Distribute Tuition Assistance

PT. Bank DKI was trusted by Jakarta Scholarship Foundation as collaborating partner in distributing grants amounted Rp 13.47 billion from Jakarta Government which channeled through Bank DKI Student Monas Saving accounts.

The scholarships are given to beneficiaries from 194 universities, consisting of 184 PTS and 10 PTN

Bank DKI UMK Credit and Sharia Business Director, Babay Parid Wazdi stated, the grant funding was tuition assistance in form of scholarships to 2,858 college students.

"There are 2,389 beneficiaries from private universities (PTS) and 469 beneficiaries from state universities (PTN). The scholarships are given to beneficiaries from 194 universities, consisting of 184 PTS and 10 PTN," he explained, Monday (12/6).

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According to him, beneficiaries will receive tuition assistance with nominal Rp 4.06 million per person per year. In detail, as many as 1,001 college students are continuing as beneficiaries and 1,857 others are the new beneficiaries.

"In total it reaches Rp 11.60 billion. The beneficiaries of this tuition assistance have GPA above 3," he conveyed.

He mentioned that Bank DKI also distributed thesis/final assignment assistance to 400 students in amount of Rp 2,000,000 per person per year with total fund Rp 800,000,000.

"There is also provision of stimulant tuition assistance to Jakarta residents who need it," he said.

He added that scholarship recipients should link their Monas Student accounts with JakOne Mobile thus they can check their balance without having to go to Bank DKI ATM.

"Jakarta Scholarship Foundation beneficiaries can also enjoy convenience in doing various banking transactions through JakOne Mobile," he added

For information, not only distributing scholarship assistance from Jakarta Scholarship Foundation, Bank DKI also distributed tuition assistance through Jakarta Excellent Student Card (KJMU) to 11,812 college students in 2021. KJMU beneficiaries came from 13 PTN and 10 PTS accredited A for Rp 9,000,000 per semester.

Bank DKI also facilitated Link & Match Movement between companies and scholarship beneficiaries from Jakarta Scholarship Foundation and KJMU with various programs such as Internship, Thesis Guidance, Webinar or training, and recruitment selection.

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