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Tiga Ribu Keluarga Penerima Manfaat Kepulauan Seribu Terima BLT Minyak Goreng
photo Anita Karyati -

3,000 Families in Seribu Islands Receive BLT Cooking Oil

As many as 3,000 beneficiary families (KPM) in Untung Jawa and Panggang islands urban villages, received direct cash assistance (BLT) for cooking oil, on Wednesday (5/18).

Each of them received BLT cooking oil in the form of Rp 300,000 in cash

The aid from the central government was distributed through the North Jakarta Military District Command (Kodim) 0502.

North Jakarta Kodim 0502 Liaison Officer (Pabung) Lt. Col. Inf. Harjito said, of 3,000 families, 569 were from Untung Jawa Island and 2,431 others were from Panggang Island.

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"Each of them received BLT cooking oil in the form of Rp 300,000 in cash," he expressed.

To get it, the recipient only brought a photocopy of their family cards (KK) and a statement form as a small trader.

Seribu Islands Regency Secretary Eric PZ Lumbun appreciated the swiftness of the North Jakarta Kodim 0502 apparatus in distributing the aid to the people of Untung Jawa and Panggang islands.

"Hope it can be useful for their daily needs," he hoped.

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