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Warga Mengantri Pasar Murah di RPTRA Susukan Ceria
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500 Residents Enjoy Cheap Staple Foods Program at Susukan Ceria RPTRA

As many as 500 residents claimed to enjoy the pop-up bazaar that offered cheap food commodities held at Susukan Ceria RPTRA, Susukan Urban Village, Ciracas, East Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/13). Previously, they had made payment transactions using KJP Plus to Bank DKI's EDC at the same location.

It aims to help residents get staple foods at a lower price than the market

Susukan Urban Village Head Andri Priwitama Maila said the pop-up bazaar was realized in collaboration with food enterprises such as PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya, PD Dharma Jaya, and Bank DKI.

"It aims to help residents get staple foods at a lower price than the market," he expressed.

PT FSTJ Eyes Middle East Rice Market

He explained the bazaar offered cheap staple foods, starting from cooking oil Rp 14,000/liter, 2-liter packaged cooking oil Rp 41,000 with a maximum purchase of 2 liters, UHT milk Rp 3,500/pcs, and Rp 30,000/carton, Mackerel Rp 13,000/kg containing 6-9 fishes.

Then wheat flour Rp 10,000/kg, sugar Rp 13.500/kg, rice Rp 30,000/five kg, and beef Rp 35,000/pack weighing one kg.

"To smoothen it, we have involved 21 personnel from RPTRA, TP PKK, Satpol PP, Urban Village ASN, and PPSU," he concluded.

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