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Osojiku, Lakukan Edukasi Ke Pengunjung Kota Tua Terkait Sampah
photo Wuri Setyaningsih -

A Peek Into Jakarta Osoji Club Community Activities at #IniJakarta 2022 Festival

In the midst of the excitement of the #IniJakarta 2022 Festival in Kota Tua area, a group of young people carrying tongs and large plastic bags went around the area to pick up trash, Saturday (9/17).

Hopefully, our efforts are able to change the behavior of visitors

With soft words and full of friendliness, they approached and directly educated Kota Tua visitors who were seen littering.

Who are they? This group of young people are members of the Jakarta Osoji Club (JOC) community. A community that cares about cleanliness and actively fights garbage in the capital city. Osoji is a Japanese word which means to clean.

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One of JOC members, Fauz Muttaqin Amrullah said his community involvement in this festival was to educate visitors not to litter.

There were about 15 JOC members involved today. They were seen picking up and collecting the trash, then sort them out.

"Waste that can be recycled is deposited into the Waste Bank in Petamburan II. Meanwhile, waste that cannot be recycled is disposed of in the trash cans in Kota Tua," he stated, Sunday (9/18).

Aside that, he and his friends were also campaigning for waste reduction by educating the public to minimize the use of plastic and styrofoam.

In total there were 15 members who jumped this Saturday. Tomorrow, there will be 25 members who will participate in this event," he added.

"Hopefully, our efforts are able to change the behavior of visitors to dispose of trash in its place," he concluded.

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