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Rayakan Kolaborasi Dalam Aksi Nyata
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#IniJakarta 2022 Festival to Enliven Kota Tua Jakarta

The #IniJakarta Festival is back again to brighten up the city of Jakarta. This year, this festival will be present in Kota Tua area, West Jakarta, which falls from September 16 to 18, 2022.

Hope it can be a meeting place for city residents to interact with each other

This event was initiated to introduce, celebrate, and cultivate the spirit of collaboration in Jakarta. #IniJakarta 2022 carries the theme "Raya Rasa Kota Kita" which means inviting residents to celebrate and feel the experiences that exist in Jakarta, through various activations of the event.

It is carried out by involving the residents voluntarily. There will be 100 volunteers of +Jakarta (Plus Jakarta) and more than 100 collaborators (communities, artists, research institutions, MSMEs, etc) who will participate in echoing the spirit of collaboration as part of the Jakarta Collaboration Festival.

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"Hope it can be a meeting place for city residents to interact with each other and feel different experiences in the third room, namely the Kota Tua with a variety of interesting attractions by the community of residents, to famous artists," expressed Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Head, Andhika Pratama, Friday (9/16).

+Jakarta Executive Director, Trifani explained that there are 3 main events that will be held in the #iniJakarta 2022 event.

"There is the Collaborator's Meet Up which is the heart of #IniJakarta, as it gathers communities to meet, interact, and create various collaborations for the betterment of the city. Then is Temu Raya Irama in the form of the main stage, and Temu Rasa Karya which provides a space for MSMEs to showcase their products," she explained.

Here are the various #IniJakarta 2022 events:

1. Collaborator’s Meet Up:

a. Community Activation: A place for the community to hold interactive activities, as well as open collaboration opportunities for various parties (residents and fellow communities)

b. FGD & Talks: Together with representatives of the City (Tourism and Creative Ecomony Agency), the discussion will discuss the potential for collaboration in our city. While, FGD will open a discussion space for fellow communities about future action plans.

2. Temu Rasa Karya: Collaborating with JakPreneur to sell a variety of MSME products in the form of food, beverages, and crafts

3. Temu Raya Irama: Expression and entertainment stage that will be filled by various Jakarta and National musicians such as UkuIki, Street Music Institute, Adhitia Sofyan, and many more

The event itself will start at 3 PM to 8 PM. All residents are invited to attend while still implementing health protocols and having received complete vaccinations as a condition for entering the event area. Let's, together feel and celebrate various experiences in Jakarta through the #IniJakarta 2022 Festival!

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