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Wihara Amurva Bhumi Mulai Ramai Pengunjung
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

People Continues to Pack Amurva Bhumi Temple for Imlek Blessings

Hundreds of residents began to pack the Amurva Bhumi Temple (Hok Tek Tjeng Sin) on Jalan Prof Dr. Satrio, RT 03/04, Karet Semanggi Urban Village, Setiabudi Sub-district, South Jakarta, Sunday (1/22).

Predictably, more than 500 residents will come to (this temple) today

Their arrival was to pray at the temple which had been established in 1928.

As quoted by, since 10 AM, the temple area began to be crowded with residents who are going to pray. Most of them are children to adults.

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As experienced by Bhakti Kurniawan (56) who took his wife and two children to worship at the Chinese New Year celebration or locally known as Imlek. He was grateful for the sustenance, health, and safety so far.

"Hopefully, in this year of the rabbit, we will all be given the bounty of sustenance, health, and safety," expressed a resident from Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

Amurva Bhumi Temple Daily Worker, Kristanto explained that the worship activities had been carried out in stages since 7 earlier.

He even appreciated the dozens of Satpol PP, army (TNI), and police officers who have been on guard until now for smooth Chinese New Year celebrations.

"Since Saturday (11/2) night, people have come to the temple to pray. Today is the highlight of Chinese New Year celebrations. Predictably, more than 500 residents will come to (this temple) today," he stated.

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