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Heru Ajak ASN Dukung Aksi Pelestarian Lingkungan
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Heru Encourages Jakarta ASNs to Support Environmental Preservation

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono asked ASN refers to civil servants (PNS) under Jakarta Provincial Government to support greening or environmental preservation programs by planting trees or useful plants.

Surely, we can do tree planting if there is empty land

"They (ASN) can see the surrounding environment every day, whether it can be planted or not. Surely, we can do tree planting if there is empty land," he expressed when he attended the planting action under Becakayu Toll Road, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Friday (5/19) morning.

He explained the Jakarta Government had almost planted 10,000 trees and 68,000 useful plants throughout Jakarta this year.

Hundreds of Trees Planted Along Green Belt of Mookevart River

"Urban village heads can assign PPSU members to plant one until two plants every day if there are empty lands," he explained.

Besides supporting tree planting, it aimed to realize environmental sustainability in Jakarta sustainably, as well as accelerating climate change mitigation and adaptation actions within the remaining deadline to 2030 as a stepping stone towards zero emission in 2050.

"Our climate is getting warmer, especially Jakarta to reduce emissions. The benefits for the future, 4-6 years have grown. So, this is a movement to be able to reduce emissions and increasing geothermal energy," he added.

As for the information, the Planting Movement event under the Becakayu Toll Road, as many as 500 vegetables had been planted, starting from chilies and tomatoes, including 100 Wijaya red guavas which are superior guavas from Jakarta.

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