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Pj Gubernur Ajak Semua Pihak Gencarkan Penghijauan untuk Kurangi Emisi
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Heru Calls on All Parties to Incentivize Greening to Reduce Emissions

As a climate change adaptation measure, the Jakarta Provincial Government keeps working on increasing green areas throughout the region. Through Jakarta Parks and City Forest Agency, the Jakarta Government plants green plants to reduce air pollution.

This is the third planting

In one of the planting activities on vacant land under the Becakayu Toll Road, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono was present and took part in planting directly with the Administrator Leadership Training (PKA) and Supervisory Leadership Training (PKP) participants, as well as Development Agency employees Jakarta Human Resources (BPSDM).

"This is the third planting. The Mayor and agency head wanted personnel to plant trees, chilies, vegetables, and make a fish pond. Later, we will move to Jatinegara. I had asked the agencies to do tree planting in South, North, or West Jakarta. Before this, I planted guava trees," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Friday (5/19).

Heru Encourages Jakarta ASNs to Support Environmental Preservation

He said the main aim of the planting activity was to reduce emissions. "Our climate is getting hotter, including Jakarta which has to catch up on reducing emissions. Later on, the benefits won't be my time, the benefits will be in the next 4-5 years when the trees have grown. So, this movement can reduce emissions and geothermal energy which is increasing," he added.

He also called on all personnel down to the sub-district level to more intensively plant productive tree seedlings around their respective environments. Because besides being able to have an impact on environmental sustainability, these efforts were also useful for the resilience of the surrounding community.

Even, all state civil apparatuses (ASN) were also instructed to be actively involved in carrying out greening, both in environmental area around the residence and in other areas which are known to be empty and have not been used optimally.

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