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Junaedi Apresiasi Pelatihan Batik Gobang Seribu di Pulau Tidung
photo Anita Karyati -

Junaedi Appreciates Gobang Seribu Batik-Making Course on Tidung Island

The Seribu Islands Culture Sub-agency runs Batik Gobang Seribu-making courses in the Tidung Ceria Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) area, Tidung Island. There are about 31 participants consisting of students, teachers, PKK cadres, and residents.

I really support this course because it can improve the people's economy

Seribu Islands Regent, Junaedi said the Batik Gobang Seribu-making course was realized in collaboration with Ethys Mayoshi, owner of Batik Gobang Jakarta. Through this collaboration, his region would have its own distinctive batik icon in the future.

"I really support this course because it can improve the people's economy. We can explore the concept of batik with the natural potential of the Seribu Islands marine habitat," he expressed, Wednesday (9/13).

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According to him, making batik is not an easy thing. Participants must be diligent in order to be able to produce better batik. They were also taught marketing through the Seribu Islands Dekranasda.

"I want the results of this course to also be displayed in a fashion show in the forthcoming Seribu Islands' 22nd anniversary next November," he asked.

On the final night of Abang None Jakarta 2023, his party introduced and promoted Batik Gobang Seribu to the people of Jakarta. This batik will continue to be developed, thus it can be more widely known domestically and internationally.

"Hopefully, it can create more Batik makers. So, the Batik Gobang Seribu brand will be more prominent and well-known," he hoped.

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