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Satpol PP, Program Inovasi, Jakarta Innovation Day 2023
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Satpol PP Introduces Innovation Program at Jakarta Innovation Day 2023

Jakarta Satpol PP participates in Jakarta Innovation Day (JID) which took place at Jakarta City Hall, which falls from September 25 to 27, 2023.

Principally, we can provide education and outreach

On that occasion, they introduced the duties and functions of Satpol PP based on Government Regulation No.16/2018 on Satpol PP. One of them was Satpol PP Goes to School.

Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Arifin said his party was working together with the Jakarta Education Agency (Disdik) to implement this program at each school in stages. It was recorded that more than 100 schools participated in Satpol PP Goes to School since this program started in 2022.

Satpol PP Intensifies P4GN Socialization in Kemayoran

He hoped that there would be many students who would become partners in helping accelerate the realization of public order in Jakarta through this program.

"We have various innovation activities, one of which stands out is Satpol PP Goes to School which involves many schools in Jakarta from elementary to high school/vocational school levels starting in 2022 during the 2022 MPLS activities. Goes to School itself can take part in Jakarta Innovation Days because it meets the criteria to become an innovation activity from the OPD or SKPD," he expressed, Monday (9/25).

He went on to say that Satpol PP Goes to School is held every month with a different theme for each school. The theme taken was based on phenomena or cases that occurred at school or were experienced by students, such as cases of bullying, sexual violence, brawls, and vandalism.

"Principally, we can provide education and outreach about bylaws in Jakarta as well as give the message that Satpol PP is a friend of the community," he continued.

Jakarta Satpol PP's Satpol Civil Servant Investigator, Woeri Vive Khananda explained Jakarta Satpol PP collaborated with the Jakarta Communication, Information and Statistics Agency(Kominfotik) in creating a questionnaire about the Satpol PP Goes to School program consisting of a knowledge, awareness, and community satisfaction questionnaire. It aimed to evaluate and improve the Satpol PP Goes to School program.

"The results of this questionnaire provide feedback for us that an activity or program must have strengths and weaknesses. When we know the weaknesses, we can improve these activities in the future, thus they become better. We educate that there are many regulations that we must enforce here in a humane, communicative manner and be able to be friends of the community," she explained.

Besides Satpol PP Goes to School, other innovative programs or activities were also introduced, namely Duta Trantibum (ambassador), Masyarakat Peduli Trantibum (Care Community), and Kartu Kuning (Yellow Card).

“We create output or create results for schools or students that we have educated, socialized, and educated. They become Trantibum Ambassadors. Then the Masyarakat Peduli Trantibum, an element of society that we educate or socialize through Satpol PP activities. Another innovation is the Kartu Kuning for violators of Bylaw or Perkada," she added.

As for the information, Jakarta Innovation Day (JID) was initiated by the Jakarta Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda). The theme for JID 2023 is 'Urban Innovation for Sustainable Jakarta' with the tagline 'Jakarta Innovation for Indonesia'.

The aim of holding JID 2023 is to provide a forum for innovators and elements of the government, private sector, academics, and community to introduce their ideas, study results, and innovative work to the people of Jakarta. Also, it opens up opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders, thus new ideas and innovations are created for Jakarta.

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