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Pelti DKI Gelar Turnamen Tenis Piala Gubernur 2023
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132 Tennis Players to Compete in Governor's Cup Tennis Tournament 2023

The All Indonesian Tennis Association (Pelti) Jakarta is holding the Jakarta Governor's Cup Tennis Tournament 2023 at the Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta from December 11 to 17, 2023.

The prize is reaching Rp 200 million, Rp 100 million for men, and Rp 100 million for women

There are 132 participants in the men's and women's singles and doubles categories.

Jakarta Pelti Service Period 2023-2027 General Chairman, Hari Nugroho said the tennis tournament is an agenda for the Pelti year with the Jakarta Provincial Government, which is listed in the official Central Pelti agenda and is a Pelti Recognized Tournament (TDP) which influences the National Pelti Ranking (PNP) of tennis players. It would be followed by competitive tennis players on a national scale.

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"Of course, participants can be included in a higher level championship, as it his affects the PNP. If you win, your ranking will rise again. If you are ranked first, you can represent yourself at international tennis events and other events too. Many of the regions that have registered yesterday are Central Java, East Java, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Aceh, Babel, and Yogyakarta," he expressed, Monday (12/11).

He revealed that it had been on hiatus or not held for approximately six years due to various obstacles, one of which was the Covid-19 pandemic.

He explained the Pelti management for the 2023-2027, which had only been made for approximately seven months, was very concerned about the continuity and sustainability of the Jakarta Governor's Cup Tennis Tournament, so it was held again.

“This is a lively sporting event at the end of the year. The prize is reaching Rp 200 million, Rp 100 million for men, and Rp 100 million for women. For athletes, hopefully, female tennis players will be included as mainstays, as they are mainstays at Popnas. The women's single is also expected to make it to the final," he explained.

He added the Jakarta Pelti Jakarta would propose to Pelti's Central Management (PP) to become a regular TDP annual calendar in the third week of December as the biggest tournament in Indonesia and a proving ground for players after the tennis players had participated in the event for a year.

"As well as to gather the players' families so they can gather with their families to celebrate the upcoming Christmas and New Year," he added.

As for the information, the tournament will be held from December 11-17 at the Borobudur Hotel Tennis Court, Jakarta from 8 AM to 5 PM with a total prize by Rp 200 million. On December 16, a special executive tournament will also be held which includes the Jakarta Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) which consists of 12 teams.

Players and athletes from all over Indonesia, including the top five in PNP men's singles, namely Tegar Abadi Satrio Wibowo and Claudio Renaldi Lumanauw and the top five in PNP women's singles, namely Beatrice Gumulya, Fitriana Sabrina, and Cylova Zuleyka Hukma Sabiyya.

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