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 65 APK Diturunkan di Kembangan Selatan
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

Campaign Properties Removal in Kembangan Selatan is Appreciated

Jakarta Provincial Government's effort in controlling campaign props during quiet period of 2024 General Election is appreciated by residents.

general election will run smooth since there is no more political party symbols

Agung Widodo (56), resident of RT 03/05, Kembangan Selatan, Kembangan, West Jakarta, assessed the effort of controlling campaign props during quiet period must be supported much.

309,633 Campaign Properties Controlled in Jakarta

"It is hoped the general election will run smooth since there is no more political party symbols," he admitted, Monday (2/12).

According to him, the campaign props controlling is also needed to recover the beauty of the city.

Meanwhile, Kembangan Selatan Urban Village Head, Pradana Putra, explained the controlling is still running. Today, his side controlled 65 props such as banner and flag.

"We controlled 65 properties today," he admitted.

He added that the controlling involved 20 joint personnel of Satpol PP, PPSU, Binmas and Babinsa.

"50 banners and 15 flags were removed from residential," he added.

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