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Pemkot Jakut Kembangkan Aplikasi Sukses Pemilu 2024
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N. Jakarta KPU Develops Election 2024 Application

The City Government together with the North Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU) and related stakeholders are working together to develop the Sukses Pemilu 2024 application.

Let's maintain conduciveness

The application based on the website, provides various information regarding the General Election in North Jakarta.

North Jakarta Communications, Informatics and Statistics Sub-agency Head, Yudhistira Nugraha stated the Sukses Pemilu 2024 application is an application that can be used to report situational events in the area.

Election Logistics in Seribu Island Distributed

"This is one part of the service that will facilitate the public to get information about the election," he said, Tuesday (2/13).

With this application, there is a data feature that can facilitate people to get information about poll station (TPS) locations, online DPT, list of legislative candidates in each region, as well as various other information. This application has been synchronized with North Jakarta KPU data.

"Generally, you can find out the number of TPS and the list of prospective voters. It can also help people to go to the appropriate polling station because we integrate it with online DPT checks," he explained.

North Jakarta National Unity and Politics (Kebangspol) Head, Yunus Burhan, appreciated this application initiated by the Communications and Information Technology Sub-agency. It was proof that the North Jakarta administration fully supports the successful holding of the simultaneous elections.

"Urban village and sub-district officials should support data via the dashboard of this application to report the latest situation in each area," he explained.

North Jakarta KPU Member, Abie Maharullah Madugiri added his party supports the development of this application. It even provides efficiency for KPU officers. Hopefully, it would be very beneficial for the people of North Jakarta.

"Let's maintain conduciveness, realize peaceful elections, and with integrity for the progress of the nation," he stated.

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