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City - Sojitz Corporation Cooperate to Speed Up MRT 2A Phase

PT MRT Jakarta signed Contract Package (CP) 205 with Japanese development planning consultant, Sojitz Corporation, at Bundaran HI MRT Station, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (4/17). The signing is aimed to speed up the design and construction of MRT 2A phase.

cooperation between Indonesia and Japan has become a mainstay in the public transportation

The signing was run by PT MRT Jakarta Construction Director Weni Maulina and Assistant General Manager, Airport, and Transportation Infrastructure Department Sojitz Corporation Naoki Kazama.

The signing was also witnessed by PT MRT Jakarta Director, Tuhiyat; Acting Jakarta Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, Japan Ambassador, Masaki Yasushi; and Transportation Minister, Budi Karya Sumadi.

Heru Accompanies Jokowi to Inspect MRT Jakarta Phase 2A Construction

Heru said that the synergy between the Jakarta Provincial Government and the Japanese Government has resulted in good cooperation in developing transportation infrastructure in Jakarta. Thus, the CP 205 collaboration is proof of efforts to accelerate the development of mass transportation facilities needed by Jakarta residents.

"So far, cooperation between Indonesia and Japan has become a mainstay in the public transportation sector in the city of Jakarta. Through the signing of the CP 205 package contract which includes railways systems and track works, this has marked an important journey in the construction of phase 2A of MRT Jakarta. So, the hope is that this signing can accelerate the development of phase 2A as an effort to improve mobility and quality of life for the community," he said, as quoted from Jakarta Provincial Government's press release.

Heru expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation and the Japanese Government for offering JICA and Sojitz Corporation to collaborate with MRT Jakarta. So, due to this hard work and support, we have succeeded in realizing sustainable MRT development.

"It is hoped that this international development project will continue and hopefully the project can connect the East-West route and vice versa. Our joint hard work efforts will also be felt by our children and grandchildren in the future, by experiencing the ease of access to competent transportation, for Jakarta which is facing a Global City," he added.

Meanwhile, PT MRT Jakarta Director, Tuhiyat, explained the signing of CP 205 is a follow-up to three mandates from the Jakarta Provincial Government to PT MRT Jakarta. The first thing is to build infrastructure, the second is to carry out operations and maintenance, and the third is to build business and transit areas in Jakarta.

"We convey that the progress of the Jakarta MRT, especially Phase 2A from the HI-Kota Roundabout, has an average progress of 33.36 percent as of March 25, 2024. In detail, Thamrin and Monas Stations 74 percent, Harmoni-Sawah Besar-Mangga Besar 28 percent, Glodok-Kota 50 percent. We do everything with targets on time, goals and budget," he explained.

As for information, CP 205 is part of the work contract package for the construction of MRT Jakarta phase 2A. This 205 contract package includes substation system, power distribution system, overhead contact system, signaling, telecommunications, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), rail (track), and platform screen doors. Then, CP 205 will support MRT Jakarta operations from the HI Roundabout to Kota and has a contract value of 26 billion yen.

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