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 Pemkab Kepulauan Seribu Bentuk Satgas Covid-19 Tingkat RW

Regency Immediately Forms COVID-19 Task Force at RW Level

Translated by: Maria Inggita

17/10 16:21 WIB | Read 62 X
Thousand Islands Regency immediately forms COVID-19 Task Force at RW level. This task force will replace the current Safe Island Task Force or COVID-19 Task Force at island level.

Thousand Islands Regent, Junaedi mentioned, formation of COVID-19 Task Force at RW Level refers to Jakarta Governor's Decree No. 1023/2020 concerning Task Force for Handling COVID-19 in DKI Jakarta Province, as well as President's Decree No. 82/3030 concerning COVID-19 Handling Committee and National Economy Recovery, thus Governor formed Regional COVID-19 Handling Task Force.

"We want COVID-19 handling to be more optimal, as well as economy recovery because our economy is affected by COVID-19 pandemic," he stated, Saturday (10/17).

According to him, urban villages and sub-districts will be the facilitators for establishing COVID-19 Handling Task Force at RW Level which consists of RT, RW, community leaders, and social organization members.

"We hope all elements of COVID-19 Handling Task Force at RW Level can carry out their duties well, including to coordinate and collaborate with government and related agencies," he said.

By establishing COVID-19 Task Force in each RWs, he expected the socialization and education patterns, including government policies, can be implemented well by the community.

"We want government programs related to national economic recovery to reach the community. Besides, we also hope they can socialize government's assistance better and on target," he asserted.