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Sudin CKTRP Jaksel Sosialisasikan Peninjauan Kembali RDTR-PZ
photo Wuri Setyaningsih -

South Jakartans Participation in RDTR-PZ Program Demanded

South Jakarta Land Spatial Planning and Build Work (CKTRP) Sub-department installs banners to socialize and encourage South Jakartans for participating in Spatial Detail Plans and Zoning Regulations Review (RDTR-PZ) program which runs until March.

Surely, this can help local government in designing spatial plans

"It is done to socialize residents about Perda No. 1/2014 about Detailed Spatial Plan and Zoning Regulations," said South Jakarta CKTRP Sub-department Head, Syukuria, Monday (2/4).

According to him, this program is a part of the process in improving spatial plan that has been arranged and also to assess implementation of existing plans.

Spatial Planning Geographic Information System Application Officially Operated

"We need residents participation by filling the data and information into our database system. Surely, this can help local government in designing spatial plans," he conveyed.

Hopefully residents could participate in this program by giving data and information regarding space utilization and public opinions such as ideas, suggestions, and inputs.

"We socialize residents about this program from early January to March 2019," he stated.

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