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Operasional Bus Antar Provinsi dan Pariwisata Dihentikan Mulai Hari Ini
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Station Arrangement Activities Stopped Temporarily due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Starting March 23, station arrangement activity has been stopped temporarily to reduce and limit the use of public transport to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) transmission.

We will make sure to continue the construction after condition has returned to normal

This policy was taken based on Governor's Appeal Number 6/2020 about Stopping Office Activities Temporarily to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission.

Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) Head, Syafrin Liputo stated, station arrangement activities need to be stopped to ensure security and safety for all stakeholders. Especially, for daily transport users and construction workers in the field.

MRT Jakarta and PT. KAI Sign Agreement for Station Arrangement

"It has been stopped since March 23. At this time, our main priority is to ensure the safety of all parties," he conveyed, Saturday (4/4).

According to him, his side made sure construction site has been tidied up to ensure the safety of all sides, especially pedestrians and road users.

"We carry out the procedures by considering the public safety while paying attention to the construction safety protocol for COVID-19 prevention," he added.

According to him, the continuation of station arrangement activities will be further informed while waiting for the situation return to be conducive after COVID-19 pandemic.

"We will make sure to continue the construction after condition has returned to normal. Now, we must focus on handling COVID-19," he asserted.

For information, Jakarta Provincial Government collaborated with PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) and PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) to arrange four stations, namely Juanda Station, Senen Station, Tanah Abang Station, and Sudirman Station.

It is the initial stage to realize an integrated transportation facility between central government and Jakarta Provincial Government.

Station arrangement was designed for the convenience, comfort, and safety of citizen's transportation while prioritizing public interests  which associated with the station.

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