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 Sudin Dukcapil Kepulauan Seribu Layani 1.008 Berkas Kependudukan Selama Pandemi
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Thousand Islands Dukcapil Has Issued 1,008 Civil Documents Amid COVID-19

All applications have been processed and submitted at the Dukcapil counter at the urban village office

The Thousand Islands Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) Sub-agency has issued 1,008 civil documents along April until July in North and South thousand islands. The services provided during the pandemic are in the form of applications and printing both directly and online.

Of 1,008 documents, 287 out of them are for ID cards, 354 are for family cards (KK), 139 are for child ID cards (KIA), 110 are for birth certificates, 23 are for death certificates, 79 are for biodata changes, 6 are for domicile, 6 are for change of address request and 4 are for legalized deeds.

North Jakarta ASN Receives Socialization Regarding Data Warga App

"All applications have been processed and submitted at the Dukcapil counter at the urban village office," explained Thousand Islands Dukcapil Sub-agency Acting Head, Akbal Syam, Thursday (8/6).

During the pandemic, his sub-agency urged residents to make requests by online. However, the sub-agency still served the community who processes directly to the service counter by implementing health protocols.

"For those who come directly to the counter, we recommend following the health protocol, including service personnel," he said.

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