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80 Pelaku Usaha Perhotelan Usulkan Penyesuaian UMP untuk 2021
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80 Hoteliers Propose Adjustments for UMP 2021

As many as 80 hoteliers have proposed adjustment for Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) 2021 to Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration (Naketrans) and Energy Agency. Hotel business is one of the industry sectors affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

We immediately agree by issuing decree to make UMP adjustments in 2020

Jakarta Nakertrans and Energy Agency Head, Andri Yansyah said, the proposed UMP adjustment 2020 can be submitted through association, but it must be on behalf of the company.

"Now, we have received adjustments from 80 hotels. Associations may submit it but still on behalf of the company, not on behalf of association. Because there are some companies have been affected and some are not," he mentioned, Thursday (11/6).

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According to him, 80 adjustment proposals from hoteliers will be approved without being reviewed. He side will issue Jakarta Nakertrans and Energy Agency Head's Decree thus it can be adjusted using UMP 2020.

"Hotels, malls, and tourism industry just started operating yesterday. It doesn't need review because that sector is really affected. We immediately agree by issuing decree to make UMP adjustments in 2020," he mentioned.

He explained, Jakarta Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) No. 103/2020 concerning Provincial Minimum Wage in 2021, Article 3 mentioned about entrepreneurs, companies, and/or employers who are economically affected due to Covid-19 pandemic can apply for UMP payments with the same amount as UMP 2020 to the Governor through Jakarta Nakertrans and Energy Agency Head.

"Monitoring data during PSBB can also be used as data to determine whether a company is affected or not. Thus, not all submitted proposals must be reviewed since it is waste of time. So, we immediately issue a decree because we don't want to make it difficult for them," he closed

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